Property Pro, The Best Estate Agency Software By Far

Minimum Requirements

For PropertyPro to function correctly, the following requirements need to be met on each PC running the software:

  1. Screen resolution set at a minimum of 800 x 600 - true colour
  2. Microsoft Office (Professional for server machines)
  3. Microsoft Windows 98r2 - Windows 7
  4. Intel Pentium 2 Processor or faster
  5. 256Mb RAM
  6. 2Gb free hard drive space
  7. Keyboard settings - UK
  8. Regional settings - UK
  9. Short date style must be set to DD/MM/YYYY
  10. Drivers have been correctly installed for printers, cameras etc



What we can do for you

  1. Software
  2. Hardware
  3. Support
  4. Training
  5. Websites
  6. E-Commerce

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comments from our clients

"would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a well-designed, easy to manage web site"
Jay Parmar - Star Computer Services (UK) Ltd

"A marvellous system which I would highly recommend - way above any other systems I have used in the past."
Diane Arkell - The Property Professional

"We look forward to seeing what exciting new features have been built in"
Keith Lucas FNAEA - Lucas Estate Agents


how to get in touch


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