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The PropertyPro Team

We are pleased to be able to bring you the current names and faces of PropertyPro.

Hugh McClean

Hugh McClean – Managing Director

Being born as an MD is difficult, but this man has made it look easy. Evolving the company into the presence it is today. He is the leader, he is the future.

Lynda McClean

Lynda McClean – Company Director

Behind every good man is a good woman, and here she is. Heavily involved in making sure everything is done right. We know when work needs doing because the whip comes out.

Vicky Lowther

Vicky Lowther – Sales Manager

Want to buy anything? This lady can find the right product at the right price, especially for you!

Karen Munson

Karen Munson – Sales Manager

Based in rural Cheshire, Karen fills a role that includes face to face presentations and telephone sales. Her experience in the property industry covers both sales and lettings and previously included a spell selling a product from one of our competitors. Manages to remain cheerful despite living in an area where it rains for over 300 days a year and being constantly reminded by Hugh that it is grim up north.

Mike Lanceman

Mike Lanceman – Lead Developer

The man behind the code. You want PropertyPro to do something, this VB guru will build it. Give it 2 versions and it'll be perfect too.

Liam McClean

Liam McClean – Support and Implementation Manager

Liam has been at PropertyPro since August 05. He started as junior developer and still does development work for the company. In his spare time he likes walks in the park and drinking green tea.

Noel Lelong

Noel Lelong – Hardware Engineer

Out and about more than that Hilton sister, if you are in need of some hardware help you could be lucky enough to get a visit. Please be generous with cups of tea.

Zade Cross

Zade Cross – Implementation Team Member

Our resident DJ,, keeps us entertained music wise once the oldies have left the building

James Chester

James Chester – Implementation Team Member

Looking to meet a loose woman. For "fun" and maybe more...

Tom Hedley

Tom Hedley – Implementation Team Member

Our newest acquisition to the implementation team, has already established himself as a strong member with good cup a soup taste, and already better than James.

Kate Hoare

Kate Hoare – Training Manager

Our resident know it all, this is the lady with the knowledge!
But did she close Word..?

Stacey Raymond

Stacey Raymond – Is No Longer With Us

Shall be missed.

Brenig Banks

Brenig Banks – Support Team Member

Brenig started on the support line in May 2005 and is still there. Lacking a few levels of sanity seems to help. In his spare time he likes to go out and headbang to very loud, heavy music.


Andrew Swan

Andrew Swan – Support Team Member

Our token tall guy. Security is key in this industry, and if you mess with us, then you mess with Andrew. And he's tall yo!

Juliet Nyemba

Juliet Nyemba – Support Team Member

The loudest person in the support department, if you hear someone else talking when you're on a call, this is the one behind it. A keen ventriloquist, your calls may well be being solved by a hand puppet.

Emma Fox

Emma Fox – Support Team Member

New to the support game, Emma arrived in October 07 and went on to conquer the world... or atleast the call log. The friendly face to the support lineup.

Dont let the halo fool you.

David Leathley

David Leathley – Accountant

Maker of some of the finest cakes we've ever tasted. A great eye for numbers, makes sure all money is as its supposed to be. If you don't pay..he's angry!

Will Jennings

Will Jennings – Web Developer

Famous from his template years, you may still get Will upon calling the office. Based mainly from home, he is now in charge of designing and developing new websites, as you will be able to see, they are much better than those of Chris Peat.


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comments from our clients

"We look forward to seeing what exciting new features have been built in"
Keith Lucas FNAEA - Lucas Estate Agents

"The latest version of PropertyPro is absolutely rock solid. It really is bomb proof"
Mike Ingrey - Knight Partnership

"I have complete confidence in all your staff, you have a good product in PropertyPro"
Edward Robinson - Robinson Estate Agents


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